Research and Surveys

The more participants we can recruit, the more useful our data will be!

Research and Surveys

At OpenAAC we regularly run surveys to collect data across the industry. The more participation we have, the more accurate and useful our results will be! Please consider filling out any of the current surveys we have running that apply to you. You may also share these surveys online or with your social circles!

We believe that information is important and valuable for everyone, so we always make public the results of any surveys or research we conduct. You can review any of the results of current or past survyes using the provided links.

Current Surveys

  • Communication Partner Profile For practitioners, families and users. We are looking for feedback on a self-reflection tool that beginning or experienced communication partners (people who interact with or support AAC users) can fill out to help discover areas where they could improve in their efforts. (Survey Results Pending)

  • AAC Vocabulary Selection For all AAC practitioners, families, and users. We are collecting responses on the criteria and perspectives of those who are selecting from among the large pool of possible AAC vocabularies. (Survey Results Pending)

  • Open Symbols Questionnaire For all AAC practitioners, families, and users. We are looking for feedback on current expectations around AAC symbol libraries, as well as recruiting participants in ongoing AAC symbol research and implementation work. (Survey Results)

Past Survey Results

  • Core Word Strategies We surveyed active teachers and practitioners who are implementing “Core Word of the Week/Month” strategies to better understand their usage and look for patterns (Survey Results)